Toy Construction Site Play Set

  • £25.00

Construction Site Toy Set These construction play sets are ideal for any child who enjoys car and building toys. Not only does the set include loads of different aspects and accessories for hours of fun, it can also be folded up to be worn as a backpack so your child can take it with them on their adventures. Up and Down, Round and Round When folded out, the construction site sits on 2 different levels. The upper level rises high above the set, with a lift to help get those diggers all the way to the top. The elevator can be lifted up and down using the dial on the side, which can be rotated to move the lift up and down. Once at the top of the construction site, the toy vehicles can then run down the track all the way to the bottom. Once there they will find themselves sitting beneath a crane. The crane itself can rotate 360 degrees, and has a small platform for the vehicle to sit on as it is moved around. Portable Toy Set One of the best things about these sets though is just how portable they are. The toy set can be folded up into a backpack when not in use. This not only keeps them easy to store away, but also makes them ideal for your child to take them with on their adventures. The pack also has a carry handle on the top, meaning you can move it about without having to wear it as a backpack. Construction Toy Set Specifications Set includes 2 vehicles (type may vary) Can be folded up as a backpack when not in use Carry handle at top of case Crane with 360 degree rotation Vehicle lift can be moved up and down Assembly required

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