Childrens Magnetic Doodle Board - Orange

  • £13.00

Magnetic Doodle Board for Kids These doodle boards provide hours of fun without leaving a massive paper trail behind you. The erasable screen means that if you don't like what you've drawn, you can just rub it out in seconds and start again. All you have to do is move the slider across the bottom from right to left. The board also has a hidden colour backing, so the marks you make with the stylus will have a rainbow effect of colour. Magnetised Drawing Board The doodle board features a series of magnetised hexagons which when pressed with the stylus leave the erasable mark. The stylus itself is secured to the board so it doesn't go missing, and it also has a small slot it can be placed in so it is not left dangling when not in use. There's lots of space for drawing impressively large things, with the drawing area of the board measuring 10.5 inches x 7 inches. Hours of Fun These boards are great for expanding your child's imagination and creativity. With a carry handle on the top for taking it out and about, your child can draw anything and everything. The board can also be used for games, with lots of space for some competitive noughts and crosses or picture guessing games. You might find the adults are itching to have a go when the kids aren't looking! Doodle Board Specifications Magnetised doodle board 10.5 inch x 7 inch drawing surface Stylus included and attached Carry handle for taking out and about Images can be erased using slider at the bottom

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