144 Piece Pink Toy Car Track Set

  • £19.00

Pink Toy Car Track Set These impressive car track sets can provide hours of fun, with lots packed into the set to give you endless possibilities when setting it up. The pair of battery powered cars can race around the track, with the crossover adding that little bit more excitement. Its a packed set full of accessories, so you can have a different set up every time. Endless Track Options The set includes everything you need to create a whole range of different track layouts. The track itself is made from a series of interconnecting pieces,which creates a flexible track that's easy to use. The flexibility allows your make any bit bend round a corner or up and over an obstacle. You can start off with something basic like a classic circle or oval to get you started. As your child gets more and more used to the set then they can create increasingly ambitious layouts making use of all of the accessories and track pieces. The tunnel is a staple in any car track set, with this one also doubling up as a bridge. This allows you to have the track go under and over itself to create a big figure of 8 layout. The set also includes a crossover point, which creates an exciting focal point for your car races. Before you know if you'll have some expansive and imaginative routes running over the bridge, under the coffee table, back through the tunnel, through the crossover and then back over the bridge again! 144 Pieces, Including an Extra Car The expansive set also has tons of accessories to really make your child's track come to life. Streetlamps, trees and road signs can adorn the side of their track, which clip onto the underside of the track to keep them in place. Our set also includes an extra car, so you can set them off head to head against each other, and make the crossover a real hazard. Pink Car Track Specifications Set includes 2 battery operated cars (1x AA battery each, NOT included) Set includes 1 tunnel (also acts as a bridge), 1 crossover, and a set of trees, streetlamps and road signs Easy to assemble

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