Your Relationship to Your Dad Explained by Astrology

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Objectively, dads are weird. They wear 90s white New Balances without any trace of irony and get mad if you want your steak well done. They repeat the same jokes for 15 years and still think they're funny. And they choose to believe, against all logic, that their 25-year-old single daughter is still a virgin. Bless their hearts.
In honour of Father's Day, we look to the stars to understand our unique, quirky, weird, sad, good, and strange relations with our dads.
Fire Signs
Aries "don't seem like they're very sensitive or emotional on the surface, but they are actually incredibly nostalgic, especially when they're hanging out with their dad." They love to sit around the fireplace and hear him tell stories about the past, and they'll nag him to retell ones they've heard a million times— especially the one about how he met their mum. They feel closest to their father when they're learning about his past. Aries like their dad to set the example, rather than give verbal advice, and they pride themselves on inheriting his work ethic.
Leos like to bond with their fathers over a shared interest for all things cultural. Museums, wine tastings, and art exhibits are their favourite places to spend time together, and where they feed off each other's excitement the most. The fathers of Leos often love watching their daughters' cultural interests blossom and they're always down to learn about them. Leos themselves like having their dad's knowledge on hand to inform their new interests.
Sagittarians are no strangers to going out a little too much and partying a little too hard. Their father is [ideally] going to be someone who helps them learn how to temper these things and teaches them how to enjoy the simple things. A Sag's father may do this by bonding with his daughter over more chill activities, like gardening or fishing, to show her that there are ways to have fun beyond turning up.
Earth Signs
Many eccentric dads out there enjoy theorizing, tinkering, and inventing, and Taurus kids are usually pretty happy to entertain their wacky ideas. Fathers who like to spend time in the garage making unnecessary gadgets or fixing things that weren't really broken to begin with are often joined by their Taurus kid, who generally likes to hand them tools and learn along the way. As Tauruses grow older and perhaps develop an interest in smoking weed, they love to call their dad up to talk philosophy.
Like Tauruses, Virgos like having talks with their dads. They "need to have a dad that they can stay up late at night having fun debates with, not necessarily fighting," says Gat. Whether it's the existence of aliens or choosing the best sitcom of all time, Virgos like challenging their fathers. Their arguments are usually light-hearted in nature, but they can occasionally get intense. Virgos surprisingly love hanging with their dad's friends. Even though that sounds like a chore to most people, they like enhancing their networking skills with older, more professional adults— a trait most fathers can get behind.
Capricorns like meeting their dad's friends too, but are far less concerned with networking. Instead, they love watching their dad be the life of the party and charm his guests. This admiration for their father doesn't stop there: Dads of Capricorns tend to be very concerned with justice and doing the right thing, says Gat. This combined with their friendly persona usually works to warm their Capricorn daughter's otherwise icy heart.
Air Signs
Geminis often times have a really spiritual connection with their dad. Their preferred bonding activities involve quiet, nature focused hikes or going to places of worship together, if that's their thing. Geminis often use their fathers as a moral compass, and though they usually love to gossip, that's not an activity they're going to partake in with their dads.
Libras really pride themselves on looking at the world logically. It's a sign of balance, but usually with their dad their relationship is a little bit off balance and very emotional. This works for some Libras, while others prefer to find ways in which they can balance it out. Their relationship can be very extreme: that is, very tumultuous or very close, with the latter likely resulting in a jealous other parent. When it comes to hanging out with their dads, Libras like doing anything involving cooking, from beach cookouts to neighbourhood barbecues.
Dads who are into the occult, UFOs, and conspiracy theories luck out if they have an Aquarian daughter. They're the sign that lets their freak flag fly, so it makes sense that they're not too harsh on their dads for doing the same. Fathers of Aquarians can often be hard for other people to get to know or get close to, but Aquarius kids really go the extra mile to make sure their dads feel like they can talk to them, even if that means being a little too inquisitive at times.
Water Signs
Cancers love having fathers who are energetic and active. Nothing will bum a cancer out like having a sad dad who retires and doesn't know what to do with himself. When it comes to quality time, Cancers and their dads prefer doing outdoorsy activities together like mountain biking, windsurfing, and anything that allows them to be competitive. They're not really the type to sit on the porch discussing life together, as they'd rather be out living it. Cancers prefer adrenaline rushes to sentimental conversation.
Scorpios are great with "cool dads" who are flashy, popular, and unapologetic. In their youth, Scorpios were probably embarrassed by this, especially when their dad showed up to pick them up while decked out in Ed Hardy attire. However, as Scorpios get older they come to appreciate their father's eccentricity. When it comes to getting advice, Scorpios look to their dads for insight on how to gain more fame and notoriety, whether in the professional world or their social life.
Like Scorpios, Pisces enjoy being active with their dads. Specifically, they love to travel together. Unlike Scorpios, however, Pisces and their fathers have a deep intellectual connection that manifests through frequent conversation. They're the type to enjoy a day out in nature, often pausing to reflect with one another. While traveling, they love discovering new things and rarely say no to trying anything new together.

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