Festival Ready, Set, Go!

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It's that time of the year again.
You're already wondering where you left your rucksack, your festival WhatsApp group has been set up and now you're wondering if you brought your tent back from Electric Picnic.
Festivals are great. There's something about summer that just makes you want to stand in a field, listen to music, have chats with strangers and spend hours trying to find your friends in a massive crowd. So with the season about to kick off in earnest, what do you need to do to get festival ready?
  1. Get a decent tent
There’s nothing like lying awake at night and staring up at the stars… to make you regret buying that cheap supermarket tent. Get tent shopping ahead of time and you can get decent prices on quality tents that won’t rip or fall apart mid-festival. It’s definitely worth it.
  1. Wash your sleeping bag
Yes, sleeping bags can be washed. Who knew? Your festival experience will be so much more pleasant if you don’t unfurl a sleeping bag that reeks of last summer, sweat and death.
  1. Get in shape
OK, we’re not suggesting that you start a Conor McGregor fitness regime. But sitting at a computer for nine hours a day isn’t the best prep for standing in a field for 48 hours over one weekend. Plus, wheezing and clutching your side in a mosh pit is never the best look.
  1. Pack up on vitamins
Get plenty of vitamins into you in the build-up to the festival. Don't forget to bring a few with you over the weekend to ensure that you feel great and full of energy. Festivals are great craic but the lack of sleep, poor eating habits and general partying can take their toll. This will also help you avoid the inevitable festival flu when you get home.
  1. Get the piggy bank out
We all plan to save for a festival but most of us just blow our month’s wages when the time comes around. Throw a few quid aside in the build-up to give yourself a disposable festival fund. It’ll take the sting out of paying for all those €10 pints and the €15 burgers.
  1. Practise queuing
It could be time for a queuing montage. Hit the bank at lunchtime, queue up for the most exclusive clubs in town and get in line to buy tickets for whatever the next big gig is. Trust us – all this practice will help you maintain a zen-like calm when you’re waiting 45 minutes for a portaloo.
  1. Check out who’s playing
This isn’t just so you can be a hipster who knows everyone on the line-up. You’ll probably know some of the acts you want to see. Still, there are always a few hidden gems in a festival line-up so get trawling through Spotify. There’s nothing worse than realising that your new favourite band actually played at a festival you attended two years ago.

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