6 Ways to Start the Summer Off Right

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A guide to adventure, time well spent, and contentment.
Summertime is the happiest of time. No school, university or you’ve booked off time at work. This means that there is plenty of room for spontaneity, time with friends, adventure and opportunity.
1) Organise
This is a given, but often it is taken for granted. At school, it can sometimes be easier to keep track of everything because a dorm room is smaller than your room at home. However, it is hard to keep track of everything transitioning between home and school. The first few weeks of summer are a great excuse not only to come up with a new organizational system, but to redecorate as well. It is hard to live between two worlds, but it can fun and energizing if done right.
2) Do Something Creative
In those first few weeks of summer, when you’re going through the withdrawal of friends, being creative is a great cure to fill that whole. There’s always a good range of things that fall in this category. Developing and doing whatever you’re good at cannot only make the time fly, but adds new meaning and perspective to daily life and activities. Also, it just feels good to do what you love.
3) Exercise and Be Active
This is one of my favourite things to do during the summer. I love running, hiking, kayaking and going to the gym. Endorphins give me motivation, purpose and help me accomplish my other goals besides just staying fit. Whenever I do not know what to do with myself, I just go to the gym or go for a run. I love having the time to stay dedicated exercise and living an active lifestyle in the summer.
4) Travel
Not everyone has time to travel, but it is important to get away even if it is just for a few days of the summer. Traveling not only heightens perspective, but it inspires individuals to do things out of the ordinary and not stay in their comfort zone.
5) Be Social
People are always influential and inspiring, and that is why it is good to hang out with the. Generally, we hang out with people to have fun and be entertained. But keeping people around us accountable to achieving our goals, as well as just having a good time together.
6) Do Challenging Things
It’s hard to do hard things. But it is also incredibly rewarding, just like it is to sweat and burn calories. Sitting around does nothing for us. We must get up and face life head on, otherwise we will never be satisfied.

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